About Us: Mr. Crocodile Green and The Story Behind

Not much was known about this mysterious Mr. Green. Born into the world in the form of a crocodile, he had a twin sister and both looked really cute:


However, as he grew up, he became this fine, young crocodile:



Don’t let his looks fool you though. Despite being so muscular, he’s all gentle and soft inside.

But we’re not here to talk about him that much. No. So without further ado, let me just tell you the story behind this computer shop of his:

Raised as a curious crocodile (his Ma and Pa always encouraged him to actively look for answers when he got questions), he started learning about technologies. It’s not an uncommon thing if you find him siting in front of a computer all day long and holding his lovely Croco Phone and listening to good music. He’s the real definition of tech-nerd and since he spends more than half of his time in a day to befriend gadgets, he’s become obsessed with them.

Needless to say though, he only looks and interacts with the best of gadgets and technologies.

Bearing in mind his obsession and love for them, he got this wonderful idea of opening up his own gadget store. Add his years of experience of using many products that technology brought him, he was so sure that this online store would prove to bring a success for him.

The question remains though: will his dream to have a successful online shop be fulfilled?

He can only hope and try. But I do encourage you all visitors to shop at his store and help make his dreams come true!

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